Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing are essentially the same processes comprising of the removal or modification of particularly undesirable data in a given database. This is a service offered by India Data Entry Help targeted at organizations with a pre-existing database or in the midst of database building.India Data Entry Help has our own training programs designed to train our professionals to make accurate, error-free Data Cleansing services for our client.

Since the formation of a database may have a multitude of benefits for an organization, the snippets of data that is entered into the system likewise has to be of good quality. Good quality in terms of completeness, accuracy, correctness and error free; as the usefulness of a database is based on the quality of the data it holds.

Simply removing all the undesirable data may be the obvious solution but the downside is that the data will be lost to the database; possibly reducing the overall reliability of the information produced.

Data Cleansing ServicesSome of the methods adopted for Data Cleansing Services:
  • Syntactic Analysis: Analysis of strings of data, detecting syntax errors

  • Statistical Analysis: Analyzing statistical information, identifying anomalies and correction of correlative data

  • Duplicate Elimination: Detecting and removal of repeat data entries

  • Transformation: Changing format of data from one format into another

  • Trend Correlativeness: Detection of hidden data trends, corrective solutions to modify and re-evaluate trends

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