Why Accurate Survey Data Entry is Important for Public Opinion Research

Surveys have become a standard data collection tool in every stream that is very cost-effective and popular. In every kind of survey, there are many issues that challenge survey researchers and practitioners. Outsourcing survey processing services to a competent company for efficient large-volume processing can help to reduce the time and cost needed to collect survey data.The accuracy of data collected is very important for socio-demographic and other factual-type research questions if the researcher has to make any claim about the data collected. Accuracy as a characteristic of data quality is perhaps the most important issue of all. Large volumes of data and handwritten data received are the two main and immediate challenges in data surveying.

Managing Paper Surveys

Paper surveys require document processing and data entry for mailing to the respondents and sorting the data collected which can cost the researcher a lot of money when this is done in house. Paper surveys contain multiple questions as well as a space for open ended answers allowing people to provide additional feedback. Sorting of such data which is in volumes and forming a report is very a time-consuming and tedious job. All the same, you cannot compromise on the quality and accuracy of information thus collected.

Here are some interesting ways in which outsourcing survey processing data entry help businesses:

Reduce Time and Cost by digitizing

The time and effort needed for data processing is very challenging. This can be overcome through digitization of survey. Outsourcing survey processing will save on the time and cost of the organization. India being very efficient with technology and manpower, overseas companies opt for India data entry help for survey processing. These companies extract data to a flat file database which requires low storage space and maintenance.

Bulk Data Processing

Bulk survey data entry can be an extremely demanding process. Survey data entry requires attention to accurately capture the data while trying to decipher illegible handwriting and incomplete data. This process is very crucial in extracting open-ended answers. Multiple programmatic routines are set to accurately translate the data surveyed in order to combat the challenge. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, outsourcing companies implements multiple levels of quality checks before delivering the data.

The task of mail processing and sorting large volume of data is another challenge. The outsourcing service provider helps with survey mail receipt and the data extraction allows the public opinion research company processing faster as well as with high level of accuracy.

Manual/Paper Survey Entry

Surveys can be mailed directly to an outsourcing partner wherein they are picked up on daily basis. The survey envelopes are opened and sorted for further processing. Surveys are scanned and processed in their individual steams. Daily counts of surveys received and processed are maintained. This data outsourcing platform has built-in verification, validation, and quality check routines assuring highest level of data accuracy.

The Outsourcing Company guarantees that all data is collected and delivered in the most efficient manner and with accuracy. The robust processes of the service provider in place allow delivering success to you by timely delivery and helping in making the accurate decision for the public.