SGML Conversion Services

SGML or Standard Generalized Markup Language follows an International Organization of Standards (ISO-standard) which is used for documents, Text and Office Systems. As this follows an international set of standards meant to serve as a common ground for understanding documents. India Data Entry Help is an expert partner in carrying out such tasks and projects for clients from an equally diverse range of nations.We provide top SGML Conversion Services for our valuable clients.

In its essence, SGML is a language in itself used to describe another language which enables those using SGML to customize markup languages for all types of documents. As SGML is extensive, powerful and highly complex, due to this it is able to offer optional features that are not found using XML (Extensible Markup Language).

As websites are turning into web services, due to its difference from a traditional static library, where pages are generated from data from a collection of sources.

SGML Conversion ServicesHere are some of the SGML Conversion Services we have handled:
  • Database to SGML

  • Text to SGML

  • Raw Data to SGML

  • Microsoft Office formatted documents to SGML

  • PDF to SGML

  • SGML to Solid-State Memory Systems

  • SGML to Database

  • SGML to PDF

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