The Real Challenges in Offshore Outsourcing and How to Sort Them Out!

Offshore outsourcing has become one of the most trending and successful business models in India. While it fills the gap between the demand of expertise & hardworking resources and providing a reliable source of income to the skilled people of India, offshore outsourcing India also comes with some challenges that can be overcome skillfully with some caution and care. Here we discuss some major concerns raised by the parent companies while offshoring their business processes and some proven solutions they can adopt:

Understanding the Offshoring Team

Before you entrust all your Outsourcing requirements to an offshoring partner it is important to visit them at least once. Visit the team at least once in the beginning to understand the infrastructure Technology and resources they have. This will give you a fair idea of their capabilities as a team. During your visit you can also talk to the team which will give them a fair idea of your requirements. Face to face interaction with the BPO Outsourcing firm is essential to build a good rapport with the team. After the first message you can use technology to efficiently interact with the team whenever required.

Requirements and Expected Output

While offshoring it sometimes becomes imperative that train the team to meet your requirements. It can be training on the technology all on specific processes that your business follows. You can evaluate the expertise of the offshoring team when you visit them. Make sure the team can handle the volume as well as quality of information that you expect from them. You can also a request or insist on sample work before entering into legal contract with the offshoring partner. A legal agreement with the offshoring data entry India partner will make sure that they conform to the quality and format of deliverables.

Communication Gap

Constant Communication with the Offshoring Team using technology or visiting the team once in a while by your local staff is essential to fill the communication gap. You can check out weekly or biweekly verification of information or work updates from the offshoring team and get it reviewed by your local team. This will make sure that any discrepancies observed in the initial stages and corrections are done on a timely manner.

Data Security

Before you decide on the Offshore Outsourcing services provider you have to check there security policy and make sure they have one and follow it strictly. You can insist on periodic internal and external audits of data as well as security. A legal binding document will also ensure proper security measures are taken to maintain your data privacy.

Compliance Issues

Periodic reviews and auditing can ensure data conforms to the requirements. If there is some legal compliance to be followed according to the local law or the parent company’s country​law, those matters can also be cross-checked. When you are offering to a country like India which has been consistently providing offshore Outsourcing services for the last many years the compliance issues are already taken care of.