5 Reasons to Choose PDF to HTML Conversion

PDF on the websites is an old technique that can harm the site in terms of its search.  A PDF always appears as the original document itself. While HTML is a web language.  They have the advantages of interactivity and on-screen viewing.  There are many reasons why most of the data conversion companies chooses a pdf to Html data conversion services.


Some of the reasons are:

PDF is not good for user experience

PDF Conversion Services always appears in the format that is designed. That means site formatting is not possible.  This leads to a difficult user experience. Also, the PDFs that are opened through a popup or instant download,  there is a chance of PDF being blocked by the popup blocker of the user. But HTML provides a better user experience.

PDF lacks HTML markups

PDF lacks elements that provide better SEO and UX.  They miss logos, headers, alt text for images and schematics., lacks icons for social share, and social media formating markups. Also, it does not include analytics tagging and event tagging. Header and footer navigation is also not present.

Poor mobile user experience & PDFs cannot be edited easily

When the PDFs are to be used through a mobile, one must zoom in to allow the reading process.  While HTML pages are mobile-friendly.HTML pages could be updated from time to time, while the PDFs need to be regenerated and uploaded for every minute change.

SEO Issues with PDFs

The PDF content could be read and indexed by the search engines. But all the PDFs are not readable. In such a case, one must ensure the text is readable by checking whether it is created as a text.  Meta content could be added to the PDFs but they are not standard resulting in missed meta optimization. Also, images could not be optimized in PDFs.


Some PDFs are interactive but they cost more. While in HTML Conversion Services they use hyperlinks both internally and externally. Also, it provides different enhancements over the old type of formats. Audio clips and video clips are among them.  Also, it encourages users to submit comments and reviews.

Other Benefits of converting PDF to HTML

Some  of the benefits of converting PDF to HTML are:

  • HTML files are light weight.
  •  Servers could serve HTML files faster
  • Cost of making HTML files are moderate.
  • HTML files provide a better on-screen appearance compared to PDF.
  • HTML are search engine optimized. They could track visitors through Google Analytics.
  •  Through HTML pages, content sharing is possible through social media icons.


It is time to let the PDFs go for a website. So, make a strategy to convert the PDF  to HTML by considering the PDF disadvantages and the HTML benefits.India data entry help is a well-known data conversion company providing you with services like data entry, data processing, data conversion including Html conversion services and pdf conversion services, web research, scanned and indexing services.  To know more about our data conversion services mail us at [email protected]