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India Data Entry Help preserves a diversified industrial base by catering to the requirements of a wide variety of industries at a global level. No matter to which industry our client belongs to, we believe in delivering the output with complete excellence and uniqueness.

  • Banking and Finance – Due to the extensive occurrence of digital changes, the number of customers engaging in the banking and financial institutions have increased rapidly. Owing to the adverse economic conditions and the strict and challenging regulatory control systems, most of the banking and financial institutions fail to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
    Our Role: We are well-versed in offering end-to-end solutions such as back office support, purchasing, supply chain, and research services. We help to enhance the operational performance, transfer of the non-core functions, increasing the efficiency by consolidating the functions, and saving your resources and manpower.
    Our Services – Our major services to the banking and financial sector includes the back-office support, processing, managing, and settlement of claims, transaction processing, form processing, check processing, loan processing, billing support services, data processing, and data entry. Most of the banks deal with a lot of paper works, and hence, we help them to adopt the ‘go paperless’ concept with the help of our effective scanning and indexing services.

  • Insurance – Recently, the firms belonging to the insurance vertical adopted the mix of technology and effective service operations due to the rapid competition and the contemporary regulatory changes. The insurance companies have been outsourcing their business process so as to streamline their process and improve the alertness.
    Our Role – We offer strategic business models and various support functions to enhance your business productivity. We also offer the research services pertaining to the marketing and post-marketing for the insurance industry.
    Our Services – Our services include insurance claim processing, data entry into excel files, web research services such as enhancement of the customers list or email validation, data processing, reviewing the applications, customer support, brokerage services, and scanning and indexing the essential documents.
  • Retail – The retail industry has witnessed a lot of changes in the past few years. And it’s a fact that the retail industry is the highly competitive market across the world. Margin pressures, robust competition, and higher customer expectations have motivated the companies to outsource their needs.
    Our Role – We assist the retail firms with the excellent support services and helps them to focus on the core business and achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We offer the services to eCommerce retailers, catalog and mail order companies, multi-brand outlets, grocery store chains, loyalty program companies, department stores, specialty stores, and much more.
    Our Services – No matter how small or big the project is, we offer the following services to all the firms associated with the retail industry – web research, retail analytics and entry, data entry, customer support, and data processing services.

  • Healthcare – The sector of healthcare is expanding continuously and it has also led to an increase in the storage of a bulk of data. Earlier, the healthcare industry focused on outsourcing just the data entry and the transcription services, but with an increase in the awareness about outsourcing, their needs have also expanded simultaneously.
    Our Role – At India Data Entry Help, we offer accurate and reliable services to all our clients who are closely connected with the healthcare sector. We assist in the detection and elimination of the critical mistakes and focus on reducing the cost and paperwork. Every healthcare firm carries a lot of data stored in printed forms such as the patient’s records, medical billings, etc. We help the clinics or hospitals to adopt the digital technology.
    Our Services – We are specialized in offering the following services to the healthcare sector – medical billing data entry, excel data entry, form processing, insurance claim processing, data conversion of essential documents, address and email compilations, creating a database to store the patient’s records, scanning, indexing, and digitizing the medical records, and transcription services.
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