Important FAQ on Data Entry Outsourcing

Are you thinking of outsourcing data entry services and searching for a reliable outsourcing service provider in data entry.  If the answer is yes, you have lots of question in your mind on the whole process. Here is the answer of most of the question running in your mind, get best answers and choose the best partner.

Secure Communication in Outsourcing

Which is the most appropriate means of communication used in outsourcing of data entry service?

A secured and properly encrypted email is the best convenient means to communicate between both client and service provider; although you can also contact directly and straight talk to the representative via Live Chat, Phone Calls or Fax messages. Be ensured you are establishing proper and effective communication throughout the whole process.

Pricing in Outsourcing

What should be the most appropriate prize and if the pricing is based on complete project or at hour basis?

Outsourcing data entry service to India will help you to save 60 % of total cost of project, but the total pricing structure of outsourcing service is different for the various service provider. Just ask for different quotes from different service provider and compare their price.

Completion of Outsourcing works

In what form the complete data entry work will be I received?

In India, mostly data entry service provider will send the completed project or data entry work by uploading data entry work on a much secure FTP or through secured encrypted email.

Outsourcing Project Restrictions

If there any restriction on how many projects I can outsource?
Basically, there is no restriction or limit on how many numbers of data entry project you can outsource. You can outsource an unlimited number of projects   to your service provider.

Outsourcing Delivery Time

What is the total time of delivery and minimum turnaround time?

As per Data Entry service is considered, the total turnaround time depends on strength of the team of the service provider and the volume and nature of the data entry project. Mostly experienced and talented staff will able to do complete the task within the time limit.

Accuracy in Data Entry Outsourcing

How much accuracy I can expect from Outsourcing Data Entry service provider.

Mostly, data entry service provider in India strictly takes care of security and accuracy of whole data entry work. Time to Time proper training is provided to the whole team.

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