Document Transcription Services

The essence of Document Transcription Services is a process in which a set of information which may come in the form of a recording, conversation or speech is changed into a written form. At India Data Entry we move beyond this scope and enriching the resultant product in a digital form that is readily used in various digital forms; which is tuned for digital data capture systems. This is undertaken as an extension of our outsource data processing services; since it requires specific knowledge as well as to meet customer demand we have included it as a separate entity in India Data Entry.

Document Transcription Services
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  • Document Transcription Services– Being a Good Listener

    Surprisingly the process of transcription is often seen as a process that is easily accomplished by any person trained or not.

    This is only partially correct, even though most would leave such a task to a couple of individuals. They would have to make additional effort of verifying what they have transcribed and this would take up additional time for the delivery of the completed project. On top of this, the information that is produced has to be processed by data specialist or third party data specialists.

    Using India Data Entry, therefore, has an advantage from the time the project is assigned to us. As we are both the transcription specialist with a vast experience as data specialists. Apart from this as each project is allocated to a large team of individuals we are able to verify projects at several levels, all in the overall goal of meeting your datelines with a high-quality project outcome.

    Transcription Specialist

    As this process requires a detailed and error-free resulting outcome. The transcription specialist involved in this not only has a keen eye for such detail, they also have an above average language skill set. This would, in turn, allow the individual to be highly effective in understanding what is being transcribed into a data digital format. As the level of error from the beginning consists of a low error rate, the time taken for the verification process is therefore increased to truly ensure the quality of the end state project.

    India Data Entry gives you

    Quality: Quality begins with having a specialist that is given the best quality training and knowledge. The resulting project is then given a stamp of approval quality after it has passed through a series of verification checks.

    Precision: Precision in transcription is a key requirement on top of the accuracy of data. As the detail level of the project outcome is not only expected from the customer it is guaranteed by in India Data Entry.

    Security: Transcribed projects often hold vital and often confidential information, at India Data Entry we ensure proper documentation is followed along side this we use the latest secure systems when handling any project.

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