Main Steps in Business Data Processing

Business management is difficult without the use of essential and timely data. The term data processing is mainly used to refer to the business data processing. Usually, organizations outsource data processing services to a third party to get useful information.

Data Processing

Data processing simply means to collect and manipulate the items of data to get meaningful information by using a combination of machines and people. Data are informative and useful when it presented in its finest form. Data processing systems or information systems transform raw business data into valuable information. There is a different type of approaches and tools to extract information from business data. The process includes a series of operations such as data entry, data conversion, data mining, data cleansing and so on. Generally, there are three types of data processing:

Manual data processing:It is the old method for processing data before the invention of calculators and computers. When data process manually, the errors are common and it is time-consuming process.

Mechanical data processing: With the invention of calculators and typewriters, the process of data processing improved but the errors were still common.

Electronic data processing: The use of computers to process data facilitates organizations to get useful information without much difficulty. Computers can process data based on the commands provided by the programmers.

Data Processing Cycle

Data is processed to transform it into valuable information. The data is processed through different stages to get the finest result. This categorization of the functions involved in the data processing is known as data processing cycle.

Input: In which the gathered data converted into the computer readable format. Most of the organizations outsource data processing to a third party due to its time consuming nature.

Processing: In this stage, data is manipulated as per the instructions provided by the programmers to the application system.

Output: It is the result produced either as a soft copy or as hard copy.

Interpretation: Analyze the output data to understand what it means.

Feedback: Compare the output with required result.

Storage: Store the data for further use.

Steps Involved in Business Data Processing

For developing and maintaining an effective business strategy, access to the relevant business data is essential. Following are the 5 steps involved in the business data processing:

Editing: Extract useful data from the data of various sources.

Coding: After editing process, the data need to be arranged in a systematic order to make the data more usable.

Data entry: After coding the data successfully, entering the data into software for the next step of processing is essential.

Validation: In this process, all the data need to go through the double checking process to ensure the quality.

Tabulation: Organize the data in a systematic format for further use.

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