Data Cleansing: Challenges in Maintaining B2B Database Quality

Data cleansing is an essential business aspect because it helps in removal of duplicate, inaccurate information from a database. A data cleansing service provider performs a number of activities to make sure that the database is accurate and error-free. The services include validation of name, address, email, and phone numbers. The data scrubbing service provider also helps to remove duplicate and incomplete records from a database.

Data cleansing

Maintaining data accuracy is important since it improves the quality of B2B database quality. It can lead to the tremendous growth of your business. Your sales team can accomplish more prospects at one go, increasing the business’s revenue generation. You can apply additional filters to the data to further refine the quality you require for your business needs.

Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing Services

Data cleansing services play a vital role in the growth of any business organization because they help in developing robust client relationships. This will further increase sales and revenue generation. Data scrubbing service strengthens the internal controls within an enterprise. This is helpful because it can help employees to communicate more efficiently with each other. Data cleansing services are also used by enterprises before initiating any new projects.

A database that has up-to-date information, free from errors and duplicate entries is always useful for the organizations. Data cleansing services can easily maintain business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) data.

The data quality plan can be judged by using the following metrics:

Completeness – This is used to measure the percentage of missing values in your database.

Consistency – This is another metric that helps you to find out the presence of contradictory data in your databases.

Uniqueness – This is yet another metric that helps you to find out duplicate records in your database.

Validity – This metric helps you to determine whether or not the data available in your database comply with certain rules of validity.

How does data cleansing help to remove the challenges in managing B2B database quality?

B2B data cleaning services help you build a profitable, long-term business relationship with your clients. You can now refine your data and get the best out of it. The data cleaning procedure helps to remove the challenges in managing B2B database quality. It enables you to get an up-to-date list of leads that are both highly responsive and effective.

With B2B data cleaning services, every step is designed to boost the quality of your data and make it more valuable. You can also choose to get these services on a one-time or regular basis as per your requirements.

Data de-duplication is one of the important steps in data scrubbing

One of the biggest challenges in managing B2B database quality is duplicate data. Usually, companies have multiple copies of the same data available with them in different formats and locations. This makes it quite challenging for them to manage it effectively.

Data cleansing services help you de-duplicate such data effectively so that you can maintain a unified and accurate client database. Through this process, you can remove redundant information from your database. It will cleanse all the duplicates and merge all such records into one master file.

For example, if you have an email id that is no longer valid, you can use a data cleansing service to eliminate these from your email list. This will help you improve email deliverability rates, response rates, and engagement levels with customers.

Access to Data

The most important challenge in database quality management is access to the data itself. B2B companies use a variety of sources like trade shows, web leads, telemarketing, list brokers/list owners, etc., to generate new leads. The most important thing here is that these companies have very little control over how this data is collected or maintained by the source. They have no way of knowing if the data is clean or if there are duplicates in the data sets they receive.

Data cleansing, data scrubbing, or data enrichment service is an important B2B marketing practice for several reasons:

  • Helps in finding out incomplete or inaccurate records in your database.
  • Discovering duplicate records in your database.
  • It can help you run list hygiene process to remove outdated and erroneous contacts from your prospect lists.
  • Enables you to append missing information such as email id, mailing address, phone number, etc., in your prospect lists.
  • It will help you keep your prospect contact lists clean and updated at all times.

Role of Data Enrichment Service to Eliminate Challenges in Managing B2B Database Quality

Data enrichment services involve cleaning and normalizing data, such as removing duplicates and formatting data according to certain standards. This allows you to append additional, more comprehensive information onto your base dataset so that it better supports business strategies and tactics.

Data quality plan will help you to improve the quality of your database, identify issues and cleanse it. This will also help you to reduce your marketing costs.

Final Takeaway

If your database is already in good shape, you can skip this step of data quality plan and cleansing. But if you have a lot of bad data, it may be worth it to invest the time and money into cleaning it up before you send out any more marketing communications. Otherwise, you’re likely to waste money sending messages to bad addresses or non-existent people.

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